Jobsite Delivery

BDS Jobsite DeliveryManaging jobsite deliveries accurately, safely, and in a professional and timely manner is part of our BDS WHOLE PACKAGE. We offer jobsite deliveries with all of our products. We understand the importance of timely, accurate, and safe deliveries and therefore manage every delivery through our own delivery truck and scheduling. Most of the window & door specialty companies do not have their own delivery trucks and are at the mercy of outside delivery companies and inflexible schedules. We will do everything in our control to work with you and to accommodate your busy schedule and preference for jobsite delivery.

Some of the larger deliveries will be arranged directly to jobsite from the manufacturer’s facility, and others will be done with our own truck. We will contact you in a timely manner to schedule your jobsite delivery and discuss if there are any special circumstances we need to know about (such as narrow or steep drives, low hanging branches, or construction barriers). The industry standard for windows and doors is tailgate delivery due to the product size and weight and customer help is usually required to offload products from truck. In most cases drivers are not allowed to spread products on jobsite due to insurance liability.