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Aluminum Window Walls, Hinged, Operating, and Simulated Steal Windows and Doors

Western Window Systems have clean design, made of classic or Thermally broken Aluminum, feature countless extrusion styles, and they are built with dual pane low-E glass. For larger expanses, steel can be added when mulling for increased strength. Fixed windows can be built to nearly any geometric configuration, including arches, circles, and polygons.

At Western Window Systems, their dedication to high-quality windows and doors extends to energy efficiency and sustainability. They utilize materials that effectively increase energy performance. And because they are built to last, they stay out of landfills longer. Best of all, because Western products are completely customizable, you can select or combine options that meet your project’s performance requirements.

Western Classic Line Windows

Aluminum Series 600 Window Walls

The Series 600 Window Wall replaces exterior barriers with expanses of glass that let in light and frame beautiful views. Completely customizable, a limitless array of openings – from single-panel to door-size to openings that span an entire wall – allow you to create views from various sizes and shapes of glass. And because the Series 600 is designed to integrate with various ventilating window styles as well as Western’s hinged and sliding doors, it’s flexible as well as functional.

When mulled together, the Series 600 offers a narrow, 3” sightline from glass to glass for a more balanced and symmetrical appearance. Aluminum finishes are available in-stock, as designer selections, and can be customized to match nearly any color.

Featuring the same rolling glass panels that stack or slide into pockets as our multi-slide door, the Series 600 Multi-Slide Window is a head-turning alternative to a standard opening. Perfect for large, long areas where people congregate, these moving walls of glass frame beautiful views and let in loads of fresh air and natural light.


Aluminum Series 670 Hinged Window Line

Western Window Systems Series 670 hinged window line offers the styles, sizes, and performance features to enhance any type of home.

Combining clean design and optimal performance with the same commitment to superior craftsmanship found in our multi-slide and bi-fold doors, the Series 670 window line can be integrated with Western’s hinged doors, sliding doors, and fixed window walls for maximum views and ventilation.

Start by choosing your Series 670 in casement, push-out casement, awning, or hopper styles. From there, a vast range of options lets you customize your windows as you see fit.


Aluminum Series 610 Single-Hung and Series 620 Sliding Windows

With a design pressure (DP) rating tested for the commercial marketplace and the ability to be glazed on the inside for easy installation, Western’s single-hung and sliding windows are perfect for projects from luxury hotels and resorts to office spaces and modern homes.

A thermally broken aluminum option makes the Series 610 and 620 energy efficient. Because each is designed to integrate with their large sliding glass doors and fixed windows, there are nearly infinite ways to customize.

The Series 610 Single Hung Window features a top sash that is fixed and a bottom sash that moves up to open and let in fresh air. Sometimes referred to as a sash window, it’s easy to operate, and its clean contemporary look makes it ideal for any home style. Completely customizable and low maintenance, the Series 610 can be glazed on the inside, making for easier installation on commercial projects.

Offering a maximum view to the outdoors, the Series 620 Slider features two or three sashes aligned horizontally and sliding left or right. One sash slides open in a single slider and a double slider allows both sashes to open. Countless sizes and finishes let you customize as you see fit.


Western Performance Line Windows

Aluminum Series 7630 Window Walls

The Series 7630 doors offer the ultimate solution in functionality and flexibility. Whether you’re designing a single-panel or door-size opening, or a glass wall that spans an entire façade, the Series 7630 Window Wall delivers a durable, energy-efficient solution that allows for a modern look and more glass in a variety of weather conditions. Since it is able to integrate with other Series 7000 sliding doors, ventilating windows, and hinged doors, your design style finds limitless expression.


Aluminum Series 7000 Hinged Window Line

Create projects where windows stand out or, if you prefer, blend in. Choose casement, awning, hopper, and fixed window styles for eye-catching contemporary statements. Or have them directly mulled to Series 7000 sliding doors, fixed window walls and hinged doors for an integrated solution with a clean overall appearance. Low U-values, Cardinal glass, and outstanding performance ratings make the Series 7000 window line the most energy-efficient solution.


Aluminum Series 7610 Single-Hung and Series 7620 Sliding Windows

Western Window Systems’ Series 7610 Single-Hung and Series 7620 Sliding Windows have the wide range of size, glass, and finish options that bring new dimensions of versatility to your projects — from residential to commercial applications, from contemporary homes to luxury hotels. An energy-efficient design makes them ideal choices for a variety of weather conditions. In addition, they easily integrate with their sliding doors and fixed windows for maximum views and ventilation.


Western Simulated Steel Line Windows & Doors

The all-new simulated steel line of moving glass walls and windows are made from Aluminum, designed for performance, and very affordable solution. It offers clean and narrow profiles, taller and wider sizes, and superior energy performance. It looks like steel. Unlike anything else. 

Embodying nearly 60 years of advancements in door and window design, Western’s thermally broken simulated steel line of moving glass walls and windows reaches new heights of luxury and refinement. The elements that make Western Window Systems a top choice among architects is clean, narrow profiles to keep glass big and to maximize the amount of natural light. From traditional projects to modern minimalist looks featuring large panes of glass, you’ll find nearly limitless expression with Western’s simulated steel line. Choose made-to-order moving glass walls and windows that, thanks to a signature design, can go taller and wider than you can imagine. Options such as split finishes, screens, and hardware allow for even more design flexibility.