Rehme Steel Windows & Doors

Rehme Steel Windows & Doors

Steel windows

Rehme steel windows & doors are built one at a time with precision and unparalleled craftsmanship. They handcraft each piece in Texas with a steadfast passion for creating the highest quality steel window and door product on the market that is equally beautiful and functional.

Rehme’s sturdier window and door frames prevent water and air infiltration better. Their custom hardware preps provide a cleaner, flush installation and their simple glazing method provides for ease of installation and serviceability. Rehme’s design innovations combines with tenacious quality standards result in windows and doors that simply feel and work better.

Main Product Features

  • Rehme products feature a superior grade, maintenance free, self lubricating and squeak-free hinges
  • They have simple, low-profile and removable metal stops for easy glass installation and replacement
  • They are engineered with minimal sightline mullions & muntins while maintaining superior structural integrity
  • Rehme windows and doors are coated with a high quality PPG epoxy primer and PPG 2-part, catalyzed paint
  • The products are equipped with waterproof nailing flange or through-jamb mounting holes for new construction or remodel
  • They offer options for double pane IG prep or single pane glass prep


Increased door stiffness, reduced sight lines with rigid sashes, exquisite hardware integration, self-lubricating hinges, and a simple triangular glazing ring are a few aspects that set the Rehme SlimLine product apart from other steel window and door systems.

Strength & Craftsmanship

Stronger is Better. The philosophy behind the Rehme SlimLine product is to make all sight lines as slim as possible without sacrificing significant strength or stiffness. Traditional steel windows and doors are built from flimsy channel or angle iron. This weak geometry creates wobbly panels that clang when they close and poorly prevent water and air infiltration. Rehme has solved this problem by building the door and window frames from 1/2" x 2" solid cold-rolled 1018 steel bar.

The stronger alloy material creates a stronger geometry. The result is a stiffer hinged panel that feels sturdier and stops air and water better. This thin, yet stout material reduces sight lines, allowing maximum glass to enjoy the view beyond. In spite of thinner profiles, Rehme is still able to produce extra-large unitized assemblies with integrated, fully-welded, steel thresholds, which reduces the amount of field mulling and assembly. We can deliver unitized assemblies as large as 10'-10" x 19'-6" without field mulling and with no assembly required.

Simplier Glazing & Serviceability

SlimLine glazes from the exterior with a triangular metal glazing ring.  Their patent pending triangular glazing bead is fabricated from four sections of their proprietary aluminum extrusion to create a single, continuous glazing ring. They build a unique glazing ring for each lite opening. The triangular extrusion has an integrated dovetail slot in it that receives a closed-cell foam spline. This foam spline further simplifies their glazing method and isolates the glazing ring from ever touching the steel. Because the foam spline sits inside the dove-tail slot, proud of the outside of the glazing ring, it creates a bit of friction against the steel muntin which holds the stop in place while the structural silicone cures. This allows the glazer to move on to the next light, and in turn decreases glazing time.

Rehme extrudes their glazing stop in the shape of a triangle because after it's installed, it mimics a traditional beveled putty glaze look, which gives the SlimLine product a very crisp traditional steel window appearance with improved performance. Since there are no fasteners or messy putty, Rehme’s product is simple to service in the event of a broken window. Any local glazer can remove the stop and replace the IG without coordinating with the manufacturer.

Rehme's Custom Hardware

Rehme is proud to offer an exclusive line of premium hardware developed in collaboration with Ashley Norton. All of their hardware comes preinstalled and tested, dramatically streamlining the installation process.

The importance of choosing the right hardware for your doors cannot be overstated. It's the final step to an installation and creates a lasting impression as it's put through the rigors of daily use. Rehme custom hardware is a complete, durable hardware solution at an exceptional value.

It is available in a variety of styles and finishes to compliment any architectural design. Created to match the slim aesthetic of Rehme windows and doors, it is also compatible with the full line of Ashley Norton products and accessories. Click here to see the options.

When you order Rehme custom hardware with your doors, we handle the hardware ordering and they complete all of the drilling and tapping in their manufacturing facility.

Your hardware selections are tested on your doors for proper fit and finish by their quality control officer. The hardware is then re-packaged and delivered with your doors to be reinstalled by your builder after the doors are in place. This hassle-free process eliminates the need to complete drilling and tapping in the field or to coordinate with Rehme’s field service team.