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Arcadia Arcadia Door & Window Solutions

Arcadia Windows

Custom wood, aluminum, and steel windows

Arcadia Custom division specializes in producing fine quality windows and doors for the Luxury Home Market. Their focus is custom Thermally-broken Aluminum, Thermally-broken Steel, and Wood products.

To create a stylish space which reflects your aesthetic, preferences, and comfort requires a delicate balance of skilled design and creativity. Arcadia Custom achieves this through a wide range of options and configurations that meet the logistical needs of your home while excelling in delivering sleek, contemporary design. Whether it is a fully modern structure of glass and steel, a house that is as natural as the surrounding landscape with wood and stone, or an urban-meets-rural mash-up, Arcadia Custom has the window or door to bring the concept to life.

Arcadia Custom Wood, Aluminum, and Steel Windows

Arcadia Custom’s Thermal Aluminum casement, sliding, and fixed windows are designed to provide style, function and security. They are well-suited for either traditional or contemporary home designs, a range of user-friendly options complement the thermally broken performance. Choose a casement window for directing breezes inside for better ventilation; they are also an excellent option for upper story locations. These windows can also be coupled seamlessly to doors and other windows. Non-projecting sliding windows will not protrude onto decks or walkways, making them an excellent choice for outside entertainment situations between the kitchen and patio or deck.

Arcadia Custom Thermally-Broken Aluminum Windows

Virtually maintenance-free, aluminum is strong, flexible, recyclable, and can be manufactured in nearly every color or shape. Being naturally resistant to corrosion, it is also resistant to weathering under even the harshest conditions. Rain, intense heat or strong winds, Arcadia Custom Thermal Aluminum provides the structure and design to withstand extreme elements.

In order to utilize all the attractive properties of aluminum while reducing its thermal conductivity, Arcadia Custom designs its windows and doors by providing a thermal break in the frame. A thermal break separates the frame into interior and exterior pieces.

A Synthetic polymer, with strength and expansion properties similar to aluminum, creates a bond connecting the two parts, reducing the transference of heat and cold. Using a thermal break means the temperature on the outside of the frame reduces the effect inside of the frame, which reduces energy costs and improves comfort inside the home.

Arcadia Custom Thermally-Broken Steel Windows

Slender lines and minimal profiles give lightness to Arcadia’s Thermally-broken Steel windows and doors, creating a minimalist aesthetic and powerful architectural appeal. The design places emphasis on what matters most: clean and unencumbered style. By coupling style with steel’s robust durability, Arcadia’s thermal steel windows and doors make a statement that will last a lifetime while outliving the latest trends.

Arcadia Custom Wood Windows

At Arcadia Custom, they realize that every piece of natural wood is as beautiful as it is practical, which is exactly why it’s Arcadia Custom’s choice in creating the most distinctive homes. From Mahogany to Alder to Fir, Rustic Oak, Cedar, Walnut and Cherry, every species has a distinct feel and wonderful personality. Like a fingerprint, you will never find two pieces of wood that are exactly the same, and no other material that captures its special texture, elegance and charm. Wood’s artful form is matched by its superb functionality. Capable of being shaped, molded and textured to fit a variety of architectural needs, wood is highly versatile. What is more, wood is a natural insulator, protecting your home from outside elements.

Arcadia Window and Curtain Walls

Let your imagination run wild with Arcadia Custom Window and Curtain Walls. Customize your home with contemporary walls of glass which completely change the look and feel of any residence. Flexible and functional, these systems allow you to select just the right combination of fixed glass, operating windows and doors, to create the configuration which most complements your home and the surrounding landscape. Thermally broken panels and frames provide energy efficient performance, with sleek sight lines and your choice of finishes.

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