El & El Wood Products

El & El Wood Products

El & El base mouldings, crown mouldings, baseboards, flexible mouldings, doors, door jambs, and door frames

El & El Wood Products Corporation specializes in exceptionally fine wood and urethane base and crown mouldings, baseboards, casings, radius corners, interior and exterior doors, door jambs, exterior door frames, flexible mouldings (Valuflex), wood carvings, columns and mantels. For nearly forty years, El & El Wood Products has been a family owned and operated company that is committed to providing superior personal service and product quality. They have a serious commitment to green practices. El & El acquired their FSC Chain of Custody Certification, this way they are doing their part to ensure that natural resources will be protected for future generations. They offer next day delivery of their stock items.

El & El Wood Products

El & El Base Mouldings, Crown Mouldings, Baseboards, Flexible Mouldings, Doors, Door Jambs, and Door Frames

We supply mouldings, baseboards, casings, crown and corner mouldings, door headers and top caps, backbands, chair rails, and specialty mouldings, including flexible mouldings (Valuflex) and wood carvings. Mouldings are available in a wide variety of species including Solid and Finger Joint Pine, Ultralight and Standard MDF, Fir, Redwood, Oak, Poplar, Cherry, Maple, Mahogany, Alder and Resin. All EL&El’s “in-stock items” will be delivered within one to two working days.

El & El Mouldings

Mouldings are used to decorate a room by lending their decorative patterns to enhance doorways, windows, ceilings, walls, etc. Mouldings can be an extension of one’s creative ideas or concepts giving an unlimited amount of uses to each and every item. Each individual’s ideas are unique and personal and can be an expression of one’s own taste and style that lend a home or office a special look and feel.

El & El Flexible Mouldings: Valuflex™

El & El Wood Products manufactures Valuflex™ on their premises to provide the highest quality of urethane in today's market and can be used for most interior or exterior profiles. Valuflex has a Limited 5 Year Warranty against cracking or splitting on interior applications. El & El does not recommend or warranty Valuflex for exterior use. Most of the products in El & El’s catalog are available in flexible moulding with lead time averaging 2-5 days from the date of order.


Baseboards are used where the wall joins the floor. Baseboard is excellent when turned upside-down and used with crown mouldings to form larger crown details and with the addition of panel moulding, baseboards can be made taller creating larger baseboard or larger crown details.


Casings are used to trim around doors and windows (door mouldings can show more mass than windows). Casings can also be used as larger chair rails, or upper horizontal linear banding around rooms.

Chair Rails

Chair rails are used approximately 30˝ to 40˝ from the floor, running horizontally to form a “wainscot” look. Chair rail mouldings can also be used as panel mouldings to form panels on walls or ceilings. For larger chair rails, use casings with backbands installed horizontally.

El & El Crown and Corner Mouldings

Crown and corner mouldings are used where the wall joins the ceiling. These can be used alone and will reveal tremendous depth. Crown mouldings can also be built up using lineal mouldings, baseboards, casings, chair rails, or panel moulding with taller ceilings. Large combination details are two or more pieces of mouldings installed together to create a unique, large detail.

Door Headers and Toe Caps

Door headers and top caps are used to form a pediment above door and/or window openings. They run horizontally either on top of mitered casings to give height to the opening or they run horizontally at the head jamb of an opening with casing dying into the 27/32˝ flat bottom. Door headers can be used in fireplace applications (as wide casings or base).