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Panda Windows & Doors™ offers a vast selection of design configurations and door styles. It is a great choice for those seeking customizable configurations, superb engineering, extreme durability, and breathtaking beauty. In addition to complementing any architectural design challenge, Panda Windows & Doors™ offers energy saving sustainability.

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Panda Windows & Doors

Innovation That Fits Your Imagination

Lift & Slide Door Systems

All Aluminum, Thermally Broken, Aluminum / Wood Clad, Solid Wood & Wood with Aluminum Core

Panda Windows & Doors™ Lift and Slide Door Systems are the pinnacle of sliding door technology. Specifically engineered to achieve superior performance, weather tightness, and a smooth operation, these oversized panels are available in a range of track options.

The European inspired design provides minimal site line interference with minimal rail protrusion making them “barefoot friendly.” Their expansive openings bring the outdoors in, providing a sense of freedom and more fresh air. They also offer superior sound control when closed.


Multi-Slide Door Systems

All Aluminum & Thermally Broken

This attractive custom sliding door system is typically made of multiple panels. They have small frame width with many customizable options to let the shine inside. Highly engineered, the number of panels used varies based on the configuration and number of vertical sight-lines desired. Panda Windows & Doors™ Multi-Slide systems allow for a high degree of flexibility and freedom in a variety of spaces. Choose from multiple configurations to best suit your needs. Panels can stack on one end behind each other, which creates a large opening. Panels pocket on one of both sides, which eliminates any potential viewing obstruction. Many options are available for materials and track types with this line of door systems. All Panda Windows & Doors™ Multi-Slide systems operate on a bottom wheel set or series of sets which allow the panels to easily glide along a track system.


NEW! TS.X0 Door Systems

Larger glass panels and smaller frames giving the most unobstructed view

As Panda Windows & Doors continues to pioneer and shape the luxury door market, their latest addition reigns as the decisive champion with its groundbreaking design and unparalleled engineering. The innovative design of the TS.X0 is superior in every imaginable way: minimal view obstruction, oversized glass panels, and recessed top and bottom tracks. Engineered for functionality and picturesque views in mind, the TS.X0 profiles are a slim 15/16” providing no compromises to you or the integrity of the system. Furthermore, recessed floor and ceiling tracks give the TS.X0 a look of infinite glass, allowing you to harness every awe-inspiring view.

Massive in size, the TS.X0 has the ability to reach up to 250 sq. ft per panel using structural glazing, and double or triple glazing based on project specifications. For another level of luxury, a wide variety of custom options, specialty finishes, smart glass integration, and motorized operation are available. Bested by no other system on the market, the TS.X0 brings out the best of luxury and your stunning views.


PandaSelect Collection – Modern Solutions at High Volume Based Prices

All Aluminum, Aluminum / Wood Clad & Thermally Broken

With the same commitment to clean design, premium materials, and high quality craftsmanship found in their custom product lines, Panda Windows & Doors™ PandaSelect™ collection of Multi-Slide door systems provides contemporary beauty to commercial and residential budget-driven projects. Featuring monumental panels, the PandaSelect™ Multi-Slide door system allows for stackable or pocketed configurations with a maximum of five panels per side. With four different frame material choices, PandaSelect™ Multi-Slides complement any architectural style helping you meet the design goals and performance criteria of your project. The Panda Windows & Doors™ PandaSelect™ collection offers a range of options and materials for every type of high volume project.

Horizontal Sliding Wall Systems

All Aluminum, Thermally Broken, Aluminum / Wood Clad & Solid Wood

Horizontal Sliding Wall Systems are multiple panel door systems which all operate along a single recessed channel track system. The tracking system used with this line allows many panels to span a large opening without having to stack the tracks which can create a large jamb width requirement. Configurations include independent-panels which all stack together when the system is open. They may also be connected to a similar bi-fold system, however, the hanging wheel sets are then in the center of the panels to more evenly distribute the weight of the panels. Highly functional and aesthetically pleasing, Panda Windows & Doors™ Horizontal Sliding Wall Systems can be used in a variety of applications.