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Luxury aluminum multi slide and pocket door systems

For nearly 50 years, Fleetwood Windows & Doors has been committed to manufacturing high quality, custom luxury doors and windows, proudly made in the USA. Their modern innovation keeps the products in the forefront of contemporary architecture and technology, while retaining the simplicity of low-maintenance. From huge sliding door panels to automated pocket doors, hidden thresholds to coastal weather performance, huge moving walls of multi slide panels to curved/bent sliding doors, energy efficient windows and doors to custom anodized and custom painted finishes.

Luxury Aluminum Multi Slide and Pocket Door Systems

Fleetwood offers two distinct quality levels for their luxury modern style Aluminum door systems: Premium and Entry line. Both lines offer exterior and interior multi slides, pocket and corner sliders and sliding doors.

Fleetwood Premium Line Multi Slide, Pocket and Corner Doors

The Series 3070 are weather rated multi slide, pocket and corner door systems designed for exterior applications. This exceptional quality door system is characterized by slim vertical lines and crisp, linear shapes. The panels can be up to18’ tall per panel and up to 10’ wide per panel. The system is built with insulated glass spacer. Some of the system’s superior characteristics are leak prevention (you can select the sill pan height), low maintenance (especially with Edge Armor* finish procedure option), customizing operation with hundreds of options and high tech glass.

The Series 3050 “Hidden Threshold” multi slide and pocket door system is designed for interior applications such as mall front and conference room dividers. This system comes with a hidden track system consisting of 1-1/2” tall aluminum sill that was designed to be buried to achieve a flat track.

The Series 3000 traditional sliding door system was designed for the luxury home and high performance market. Fleetwood’s doors are offered with sound abatement glazing to keep the exterior noises out. These sturdy aluminum doors are much more fire resistant than typical wood or vinyl residential doors.

Fleetwood Entry Line Multi Slide and Pocket Doors

The Series 1070 Fleetwood multi slide and pocket door system was introduced as an option for those considering cheaper products claiming equality to the Series 3070. Design and performance features: this system has similar perimeter framing as the Series 3050 and 3070 doors (sill fillers, jamb fillers and sill risers are options), but smaller bottom rail and thinner lock-stile than the Premium line products.

The Series 1050 Fleetwood door system (typical configurations are multi slide, pocket, and 90-degree corner) was introduced as an option for those considering cheaper products claiming equality to the series 3050 for interior applications. This system has similar perimeter framing, smaller bottom rail and thinner lock-stile as the Series 3050 and 3070 doors.

The Series 1000 Fleetwood traditional sliding door system was created for the luxury home where the customer prefers Fleetwood’s Premium Package but the building budget needs to be value engineered. This door system now comes standard with the same flush hardware as the 1070 and 1050 series doors. This high quality hardware offers minimal sightlines with the improved ergonomics of deep flush pulls and the positive operation of twin stainless latches, engaging a custom stainless strike.

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