Weiland by Andersen - Big Doors

Aluminum & Wood, All Aluminum or All Wood Sliding Door Systems

Truly remove the boundary between indoors and outdoors with Andersen Big Doors, part of Architectural Collection. The Weiland Lift & slide can be built in countless configurations, offering unique and creative architectural possibilities. Doors can be built straight, curved, or in a corner, while panels can slide against a jamb, into a wall pocket, or along an outside wall. Screens are available on most configurations.


Aluminum & Wood, All Aluminum or All Wood Sliding Door Systems

Sliding Door Configurations

Straight configuration sliding doors are designed to accommodate large openings, creating expansive glass walls with unusually large panels up to 16 ft tall. Their straight systems have been engineered and perfected for more than 25 years. Weiland’s curved doors are dramatic and iconic. With curved panels sliding along a curved track, this system has all the same great features of their straight Lift & Slides and has been built as tall as 12 ft. Weiland’s corner Lift & Slides create incredible large openings and can accommodate almost any angle. With no need for a corner post, their corner doors create fluid and seamless spaces. Door panels have the option of sliding into a pocket or along the outside wall like a barn door. Weiland’s countless configuration possibilities provide versatile options for architectural ideas.

Hardware & Handles

The hardware they use is engineered for dependability, durability, and smooth operation. Weiland works closely with European vendors, some with over 100 years of history, to provide the best components available. Backed by rigorous testing and experience with custom applications, their hardware choices give Weiland doors and windows the feel of luxury and effortless operation. Their custom hardware lifts the door panel by engaging the wheels and allowing it to roll smoothly along the flush track. This way there’s no friction caused by the dragging and wearing of weather stripping seen in conventional sliding doors. And unlike conventional sliders, Lift & Slide panels only rest on the wheels when they are being moved, so that the wheels remain in great shape for a long time.

Weiland’s European hardware makes it easy to move panels weighing up to 880 lbs. They build doors for spectacular openings up to 16’ tall and 60’ wide, in an almost limitless number of configurations and sizes. When panel sizes can be this large it’s possible to fill larger openings with larger doors. Their removable handles allow design flexibility. With a narrower pocket, panels can be stacked flush to the pocket or side jamb. For custom finishes, Weiland also offers a handle in solid brass.

Material Options, Colors and Finishes

The aluminum & wood door design is robust aluminum sash with wood interior cladding. The 3-3/16” thick profile includes a ½” wood cladding attached to the aluminum profile by a patented fastening system that connects them structurally, but separates them physically and thermally. The result is a durable, low maintenance exterior sash combined with the beauty and character of wood on the inside. The maximum height is 14 ft.

The all Aluminum profiles are made with 6063 Aluminum, a stronger and harder alloy than the thin aluminum cladding used by others. Their Aluminum has ratings for up to 12 ft tall and is stromger and more stable than a standard wood Lift & Slide door.

The Weiland all wood Lift & Slide is like a beautiful piece of furniture. The doors are built with a laminated sash thickness of 2-5/8” for wood sliding doors that are up to 10 ft tall.

Weiland offers high quality Kynar 500® as its standard exterior finish. Kynar 500®provides outstanding color retention and weather resistance. Powder coating and anodizing are also available. Weiland uses the highest quality wood finishes available, enabling to match any custom wood cabinetry. Mahogany, douglas fir, walnut, cherry, alder and many other wood species are often used. Choose from their selection of 50 exterior colors or let them custom match a color for you. They also offer specialty glass and countless options to choose from.