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Aluminum Bi-fold, Multi-slide, sliding glass walls, hinged, and pivot doors

Western Window Systems have clean design, made of classic or Thermally broken Aluminum, feature countless extrusion styles, and they are built with dual pane low-E glass. At Western Window Systems, their dedication to high-quality windows and doors extends to energy efficiency and sustainability. They utilize materials that effectively increase energy performance. Because they are built to last, they stay out of landfills longer. Best of all, because Western products are completely customizable, you can select or combine options that meet your project’s performance requirements.

Western Classic Line Doors

Aluminum Series 9500 Bi-fold doors

The ability of a Western Window Systems’ Series 9500 Bi-Fold Door to completely open up to the outdoors is what makes it so unique. Designed to smoothly stack and fold against side walls, it creates a huge opening from corner to corner, connecting the indoors with the outside and expanding living space. For everyday access chose an option of single or double swing doors.

Thermally broken aluminum and dual-paned low-E glass make the Series 9500 energy efficient. And because it’s aluminum, it’s low maintenance, too. Sealed stainless steel ball bearing rollers allow for easy operation, even with extreme panel weights. Options such as flush and water barrier sills, inswing and outswing capabilities, and countless sizes, configurations, and finishes let you customize the Series 9500 Bi-Fold Door to your individual style.


Western Performance Line Doors

Aluminum Series 7950 Bi-fold doors

Reinvented for strength and energy efficiency, the Series 7950 Aluminum Bi-Fold Door is a perfect solution for architects, builders, and homeowners who want to design, build, and experience indoor-outdoor living in a variety of weather conditions.

As durable as it’s impeccably designed, it's built with premium grade materials and a flush sill option for a seamless transition from the indoors to the outside.


Western Simulated Steel Line Doors & Windows

The all-new simulated steel line of moving glass walls, glass doors and windows are made from Aluminum, designed for performance, and very affordable solution. It offers clean and narrow profiles, taller and wider sizes, and superior energy performance. It looks like steel. Unlike anything else. 

Embodying nearly 60 years of advancements in door and window design, Western’s thermally broken simulated steel line of moving glass walls and windows reaches new heights of luxury and refinement. The elements that make Western Window Systems a top choice among architects is clean, narrow profiles to keep glass big and to maximize the amount of natural light. From traditional projects to modern minimalist looks featuring large panes of glass, you’ll find nearly limitless expression with Western’s simulated steel line. Choose made-to-order moving glass walls and windows that, thanks to a signature design, can go taller and wider than you can imagine. Options such as split finishes, screens, and hardware allow for even more design flexibility.