LaCantina Doors

LaCantina Folding Doors

Aluminum wood, all wood, vinyl, and contemporary clad

The LaCantina’s folding door system is what they are renowned to have perfected. As a pioneer in folding door systems, LaCantina sets the standard for style, function and performance. Using the highest quality rolling hardware and robust panel and frame designs, their systems provide smooth and effortless operation. With the ability to span any size opening, multiple configurations and options to meet the demands of any project, a LaCantina folding door system is the perfect choice. They offer an industry leading 10 year limited warranty across their product line.

Aluminum Wood, All Wood, Vinyl, and Contemporary Clad Folding Door Systems


LaCantina folding doors can be ordered standard sizes or custom size orders to fit any opening. The folding doors are top hung for effortless control. With the weight of the doors above, LaCantina doors prevent alignment issues allowing easy of operation with effortless fingertip control. LaCantina’s folding door panels can be 39” wide and 120” tall without the need for obstructive horizontal mullions resulting in a clean aesthetic style. LaCantina features Cardinal Glass, the world’s leading glass manufacturer to meet any energy code requirement.

LaCantina Aluminum Wood Folding Door Systems

The aluminum wood system is LaCantina’s unique design innovation based on the same styling as a traditional wood clad door. Built with the highest quality and robust components, the aluminum wood system is engineered for large openings requiring oversized door panels.

LaCantina Contemporary Clad Folding Door Systems

The contemporary clad boasts style without compromising performance. Featuring aluminum exterior designs combined with the warmth of a wood interior, the contemporary clad complements any architectural style and window package. Perfectly proportioned, the contemporary clad's narrow stiles and thick panels provide a beautiful aesthetic and increased thermal performance, resulting in LaCantina’s most energy efficient system.

LaCantina Wood Folding Door Systems

LaCantina's original system is a timeless classic featuring the natural beauty and organic aesthetic of wood. The wood folding door system is available in a wide range of standard and custom wood species and they can be sealed, stained or painted.