Weiland by Andersen - Big Doors

Folding Doors and Windows 

Folding doors maximize the size of the opening. Weiland builds two types of folding doors: standard bifolds and Beefy Bifold door systems. The standard bifold originated as a sleek, European design, perfect for conventional openings to the outdoors. The Beefy Bifold is a different breed entirely. It’s designed for huge openings, and its heavy duty profile matches the rest of Weiland’s sliding doors systems.


Weiland by Andersen Standard and Beefy Bifolds

Standard Bifolds

Weiland by Andersen builds wood, aluminum, and aluminum wood folding doors to fold in or outward. Standard bifold systems are designed for heights up to 10 ft with panels over 3 ft wide. Smaller size bifold specifications are often used as a unique window solution for kitchens or bar areas. Their standard bifold system has hidden hinges, internal shoot bolts, and is available inswing and outswing.

Beefy Bifolds

The Weiland Beefy Bifold is a proprietary folding door that they engineered to maximize wall openings. It is designed to accommodate large openings, with panels reaching up to 13.5 ft tall. Center-pivoting, with easy shoot bolt locking hardware, large sizes, and a low profile track, this door system has a robust design compared to previous lighter and smaller European bifold doors. Weiland’s Beefy Bifold doors have surface mount hinges, internal shoot bolts and ther are center pivot.    

Hardware & Handles

The hardware they use is engineered for dependability, durability, and smooth operation. Weiland works closely with European vendors, some with over 100 years of history, to provide the best components available. Backed by rigorous testing and experience with custom applications, their hardware choices give Weiland doors and windows the feel of luxury and effortless operation. The Beefy heavy-duty hardware system supports larger door panels without sacrificing ease of operation. Because the Beefy Bifold is a center pivot system, the doors fold in and out. This enables Weiland to build individual panel sizes over 13 ft tall and up to 5 ft wide. Openings can be as wide as 40 ft. Larger panel sizes mean less obstruction and more view.

Material Options, Colors and Finishes

Weiland standard and Beefy Bifolds are available in Aluminum Wood, All Aluminum and All Wood materials.

Weiland offers high quality Kynar 500® as its standard exterior finish. Kynar 500®provides outstanding color retention and weather resistance. Powder coating and anodizing are also available. Weiland uses the highest quality wood finishes available, enabling to match any custom wood cabinetry. Mahogany, douglas fir, walnut, cherry, alder and many other wood species are often used. Choose from their selection of 50 exterior colors or let them custom match a color for you. They also offer specialty glass and countless options to choose from.