TruStile Doors

Interior & exterior doors

Based in Denver, Colorado, TruStile® Doors is one of the nation's leading MDF (medium density fiberboard) and TruStile Wood and TruStile Reserve Wood door manufacturer. With a made-to-order manufacturing process, TruStile offers custom style, selection and design flexibility with more than 400 styles and ability to fulfill any custom design. If you don’t see the right door in their catalogue, they can custom build virtually any design. TruStile offers limited lifetime product warranty.

TruStile Interior & Exterior Doors

Premium Architectural Doors

TruStile® has been building high-quality, architecturally correct doors with a range of customization options to fit your preferences and your home’s unique character. TruStile® boasts over 400 made-to-order door styles in any size, 20 standard wood species, MDF, 66 panel and sticking profiles and 64 material insert options. They design their doors with separate components that fit together precisely to create crisp, distinct lines and architecturally correct doors. Each door’s precision-engineered profile creates depth and shadow lines that enhance its architectural setting, rather than simply filling an opening. TruStile doors are great choice for sound proofing a home, because they are built with superior sound performance.

Authentic Designs®

Where do you begin to choose the right door design? TruStile’s Authentic Designs makes the selection process fun and easy. With a range of materials and options for 12 popular architectural styles, TruStile provides the highest quality designs. Visit TRUSTILE’S ONLINE CATALOG to be inspired with just a few of their options for distinctive, remarkable doors. Among others, you’ll see Art Deco eclectic style decorated with geometric shapes and accents of metal and glass, Colonial, an authentically American style characterized by stately, historic design features, Contemporary, a forward looking style that is uniquely theirs, Craftsman, a simple style focused on natural materials, French Country that evokes classic European appeal, Mediterranean that expresses Tuscan sensibility, Modern, with clean and strong lines, bold accents and custom design options.

TruStile Modern Doors

Their Modern Collection upends the notion that Modern equals flush. It’s characterized by clean, strong lines, custom design options, and bold accents. Tru&Modern® Door Collection features over 100 contemporary door styles and is centered around crisp stacked rails constructed in their authentic stile and rail method. They offer a great selection of materials and inserts, such as leather, metal inserts. These can be used in place of any wood panel or rail to provide depth to a modern look. Visit TRUSTILE’S ONLINE CATALOG

3 Construction Methods

You no longer need to settle for wood doors that have different profiles and rail dimensions that your paint-grade doors. TruStile has engineered all of their door styles and profiles to match across their MDF and Wood product lines. They offer 3 construction choices: MDF Doors, Wood Doors, and TruStile Reserved® Wood Doors in order to achieve the perfect design at the best value to match the application.

The Possibilities are Limitless

TruStile offers the ultimate flexibility in design and options, including factory pre-finishing, accents of metal, glass, resin, and leather, common arch pairs and built-in mirrors, just to name a few. Sliding barn doors, pivot doors, and custom etched glass doors are also available.