La Cantina Doors

La Cantina Doors

Aluminum, contemporary clad, aluminum wood and wood folding doors and multi slide door systems

LaCantina is a pioneer in designing and manufacturing large opening door systems. By eliminating walls and removing the distinction between the indoors and outdoors, LaCantina doors transform your space, creating an environment of outdoor living. With innovative designs, LaCantina doors products are preferred by designers and homeowners for their quality, clean lines and narrow door profiles that maximize your view as a glass wall when closed. They offer an industry leading 10 year limited warranty across their product line.

Aluminum, Contemporary Clad, Aluminum Wood And Wood Folding Doors & Multi Slide Door Systems

La Cantina Enhanced Lifestyle

Whether folding doors or sliding doors, LaCantina doors create a healthier and more comfortable environment with natural light and open air, completely transforming space from the inside out. Open up a living room or kitchen to connect to the outdoors and entertain.

La Cantina Visually Appealing Designs

Minimal, clean designs allow for panels to stack in alignment when open. Their narrow stiles and low profile rails create symmetry and allow more glass for natural light. Their products provide the preferred aesthetic among architects and designers or anyone with an appreciation for detail.

Comprehensive Range

LaCantina offers a diverse range of open space products for any architectural style with a wide selection of material options and performance levels they can meet the needs of any residential or commercial project, large or small.

Quality & Value

Advance lean manufacturing practices and quality assurance programs ensure the best quality and consistency, while extensive air, water, structural and thermal testing certifies that they offer the protection a home needs.