Don’t Be Afraid to Make a Big Entrance! Panda Windows & Doors introduces their “Voyage Select” contemporary Pivot line

Homeowners are fearlessly taking their entry doors to impressive heights (and widths) to make a big first impression. A growing trend in residential architecture is the use of pivot doors to meet the need for a larger entry door. Residential entry doors also offer the sleek, clean lines that many luxury homeowners are seeking.

Panda Windows & Doors create one of the largest sliding and bi-fold doors and their pivot doors are no exception. They are available in sizes up to 9 feet wide and up to 18 feet tall. In contrary to traditional hinged doors that are hung on a frame (which limits their size and weight), pivot doors modernize the appearance of your home, because they operate by turning around a spindle, the “pivot” point. This gives the door a sleek, contemporary look while taking the weight off the door frame and allowing for larger panels.

Panda pivot doors are not only beautiful, but easy to use. They can be operated almost effortlessly, even when panels exceed 300 lbs. Each panel is fabricated with a concealed self-closing mechanism for ease of use, and a multi-point locking system to secure your door.

Panda offers a beautiful array of standard designs and colors, but any door can be customized. The interior of the door can be matched to the exterior of your choice. You can chose from a variety of tracks, panel profiles, glass options, hardware, and exterior finishes to fit every project.

Choose form one of their beautiful designs to create your very own! With over 100 finishes available, the only limit is your imagination!

Please click here for more details and customizable options.

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