FiniShield™ Jeld-wen Exterior Finish

FiniShield™ for Jeld-wen Vinyl Windows & Patio Doors

Jeld-wen Vinyl Windows & Patio Doors FiniSheild™ Exterior Finish

Superior appearance, quality and performance FiniShield™ Exterior Finish

Jeld-wen’s new exterior finish technology provides durability and consistency traditional paint can’t match.

Improved Appearance

This innovative new exterior finish not only looks better than paint, it also helps reduce color variation across multiple window units. FiniShield™ delivers a beautiful consistency and improved appearance.

Superior Performance

Traditional paint can crack and peel. FiniShield™ color technology helps reflect the heat to protect both the finish and vinyl beneath. Plus, it’s backed by a 10-Year Limited Warranty.

Scratch resistance

From shipping to installation to regular maintenance, FiniShield™ resists scratches. No paint touch-ups needed means less work for you and less maintenance required in the future.

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