The BDS History

BDS grew out of one project manager’s effort to find a trusted and reliable window and door supplier.

Zoltan Gardality - President of Builders Direct SupplyZoltan Gardality, the President of Builders Direct Supply, was managing a family construction business for many years in San Diego. There were large and small supply companies selling windows and doors in the area. Zoltan found most of the suppliers to be poorly managed. The larger corporations were not able to correctly deliver the products. There were always problems such as inaccurate deliveries and incomplete or incorrect orders resulting in delays and monetary losses due to strict project deadlines. Customer service was simply non-existent. After all the poor and dissatisfying experiences with the larger home improvement stores, Zoltan decided to try the smaller specialty stores hoping that he would receive better customer service.

Smaller suppliers were better at delivering products accurately and on time, but most of them did not provide the level of customer support Zoltan expected. Most of these companies failed to hold themselves accountable to high standards. As a project manager, Zoltan was looking for a trusted partner who offered quality products, helped with cost-engineering projects to fit budget, and was able to offer project-specific recommendations, fast and responsive communication, accurate and timely deliveries, and reliable after-sale support.

Zoltan realized there was a huge gap in the window and door industry. Neither the big-box stores, nor the small shops could provide a satisfying level of service.

In 2000, Zoltan reached the end of his rope with the available window and door suppliers, and he formed Builders Direct Supply. Builders Direct Supply is founded on the “golden rule”:  everyone at BDS must treat customers, vendors, and each other in the same way they would like to be treated.

At BDS, you can expect honesty, respect, integrity, and a commitment to the best customer service, quality products, exceptional value-added services and professional support at fair prices. As a result, BDS has successfully built mutually beneficial and long-term relationships with its customers and suppliers by maintaining consistency, reliability, and trustworthiness. Over 75% of BDS’s customers are repeat or word-of-mouth referral clients.

Because of our great relationships and trust that we have built with our customers and vendors, Builders Direct Supply has been continuously growing  over the years. As an important milestone, in April 2018 BDS expanded its operations in Southern California by opening a new window and door showroom in Orange County.  The next chapter in Builders Direct Supply’s story is about to begin! We will be able to better serve our valuable customers from San Diego to Orange County and Los Angeles areas.

Zoltan believes that it is possible to be an essential partner to every customer while offering FAIR prices, QUALITY products, and SUPERIOR customer service. Contractors, architects and homeowners have very little time – especially mid-project - and are often coordinating many moving parts. Zoltan understands the entire process first-hand and BDS is here to help in every way possible to make the window and door purchasing experience stress-free and enjoyable.